Quirky Quickies offer a vital, fresh, loose yet still iconically "Amanda style" painting of your gorgeous home that is completed in JUST FOUR HOURS!  

I create these either at my home or, more often, in a selection of venues around the country.  My personal favourite is in a local restaurant, garden centre or cafe where you get to enjoy a lovely prosecco lunch for two while I beaver away alongside you completing your painting.

I have been commissioned by groups of friends plotting a surprise birthday treats, by families for their own homes and for relatives.  A lovely social lunch party evolves while I paint the gorgeous home.

So how much is a Quirky Quickie?  £275 includes a prosecco lunch for two alongside the artist painting.  Pets can sometimes be included depending on the complexity of the painting, special details and features too.

If you would like to commission a Quirky Quickie please send an email to amanda@amanda-hamilton.com attaching a high-resolution photograph of a full frontal of your home and I'll be in touch to discuss where and when!

Fancy a Quirky Quickie?

Don't mind if I do.....

Most of us adore our homes.  We put time, thought, love and effort into creating the perfect space for ourselves and our families.  We become deeply attached to these spaces - they're filled with memories and nostalgia.  

Many people love the idea of an aerial photo or painting of their home, but not everyone wants to spend thousands of pounds on a bespoke commission, neither for themselves nor as a gift for a friend. 

This reality had me thinking and after a lot of experimentation I have come up with what I hope you will agree is a pretty groovy solution - something completely different at a completely different price to enable anyone to have a "through the looking glass" original painting either on their wall or created for a friend or relative. 

Please welcome the Quirky Quickie!