Iznajar Through The Olive Groves

Casa La Celada

Casa La Celada, is Amanda Spanish holiday home. She has painted it as you have never seen her before! 

This watercolour painting Amanda's beautiful holiday home came about through many requests from her visiting guests for a card, 
post card or print of the house. 

I moved to Spain in 2006, festooned in beads and bangles, sporting a 6 year old son and a 5 metre long Ducato Concorde motorhome. The roof box was full of almond milk and dreams, bikes on the back and painting equipment jammed into corners alongside Lego and Teach Yourself Spanish with Michel Thomas CDs.  It proved to be the adventure of a lifetime for both of us!  Our first base, before moving south to Andalucia, inspired the series Los Vecinos. We took root in a campsite initially in a village called Rubielos de Mora in the Teruel province of mid north Spain.

Temperatures were bonkers in the Summer so we quickly realised we needed a Plan B and we moved out of our lovely motorhome and into a flat in the centre of town. There was no guttering. The simple solution to rainfall was that if you created very long overhangs with your roofing, the water would pour in solid bucketfuls somewhere into the centre of the road, and the sheer volume of water would create a flow to somewhere. The narrowness of the streets meant that this strategy also kept the sun largely off the roads which was great in the blistering summer temperatures, but meant for a ski resort style of cold in the winter! It could often be -7 degrees at 6am.  But the main reason why I painted these four pictures was because of Rubielos’s fantastic Bush Telegraph. It was a 10 minute walk from my flat to the delicious and incredibly fattening bakery - repeat after me : turn right, then right, then left, then right, then left, then right, left, left again and it’s on the right – yep, we’ve arrived. I don’t know how they did it, but every single time I walked through the bead curtain they were ready for me with Zack’s favourite cookies and my favourite chocolate encrusted bread!  Wherever I went, I was already expected before I had arrived. Whether I arrived in my dressing gown and slippers (not as odd as you think in rural Spain, believe me), or whether I was dressed ready to go “de viaje” meaning on a voyage, was already known.

So these little personalities with captions evolved on my dining room table … I hope you like them.

Spanish Inspired Art

Please click on the thumbnails below for a larger view and  full description of my Spanish inspired unique watercolour paintings. You will find links below on how to purchase any of my paintings and click on the enlarged images to purchase directly.

Home – or what was home – is this amazing town in southern Spain called Iznajar which means “Happy Castle”. Who wouldn’t want to live in a Happy Castle I ask you?!  I created a few very light paintings while living in Casa La Celada that reflected the intense heat, light and colours. There was always a challenge of trying to keep the paints a bit wet in order to create detail – and it didn’t always work!  Here’s the Spanish series for you to rifle through ….

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The Spanish "Neighbours" Series - Los Vecinos