Static Goddess Series

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Where does a woman begin when the subject comes around to the incredible global societal expectations on a woman to be a certain shape, size or colour?

This was a time in my life, of which there have been many, when I was tangling with acceptance, or lack of it, for my physical shape and size once again.

It was thanks to a chat with a woman who had devoted her life to supporting men and woman through transpersonal psychotherapy and healing that these women began to emerge, and I still find them utterly beautiful.

We have the four elements represented – Earth, Air, Fire and Water – and within each element rests in contemplation a woman. She’s not black, white, Asian or Caucasian – neither is she model thin nor text book good looking. And yet to me, each voluptuous curve is beauty personified.
I have never put these paintings out into the world before, but something in me says that in a world where androgyny is finally becoming as acceptable as homosexuality or ambivalence, perhaps we can also allow the beauty of the female form to be whatever the inhabitant of the body chooses it to be too.

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